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Seeing Rome from a Vespa

“Sometimes you just need to hold on and enjoy the ride!”

When we begin planning a trip, we write done everything that comes to mind in the particular country we are visiting to help create a destination wish list.  Italy was no different and one of the items on our extensive list was “ride a Vespa.”  We began extensively researching options to tour Rome from a vespa!

We found Scooteroma through our search.  After emailing with the owners, Giovanni and Annie, we were impressed with their quick and personal email response and we were guaranteed to have a personal tour.  We decided to book the 6-hour foodie tour to hit up some local delicacies as we toured the city.

This tour was one of the highlights of our entire 16-day trip in Italy!  

We were informed a few days before the tour, that our guide would be Jacopo and he would meet us outside our hotel at 10am for our tour of Rome from a vespa.  While we were disappointed neither Giovanni nor Annie would be accompanying us, our concerns were quickly evaporated as Jacopo’s friendly demeanor and knowledge of the sights became evident as soon as we began.

Our first top was Panella for espresso and pastries.  Panella is rich in history and has been around for over 100 years.  It was fun learning the history from Jacopo as we sipped on espresso topped with a combination of whipped egg yolks and sugar.  We were practically licking the cup clean.

Next we drove past some of the main attractions The Colosseum, Circus Maximus, Caracalla’s Roman Baths and Ancient Appian Way to name a few.  We loved seeing some of the main sites from a different perspective but the true benefit was getting to see areas that were outside city center that we wouldn’t have otherwise experienced!

The next stop as we toured Rome from a vespa was Testaccio district to visit the markets and have a snack.

Brian had a request to get horse jerky so of course Jacopo led us right to the perfect spot!

To wash it down, we were introduced to an Italian Soda called Chin8 Neri.  It was a refreshing bittersweet beverage made from the myrtle-leaved orange tree.  We keep trying to locate it in the US but have been unsuccessful to date!

After a few more sightseeing stops, we headed to Trapezzino for lunch.

They served delicious street food that is a fun take on traditional pizza.  The dough is formed into triangle shaped pockets and you can choose your filling.  I chose the traditional meatball while Brian opted for braised oxtail and tripe with tomato sauce.

We were telling Jacopo how unlucky we were to be visiting Italy while the Trevi Fountain was being restored.  He assured us we could find a fountain with running water as a substitute.  He did not disappoint and brought us to Fontana dell’Acqua Paola.

A Jacopo photo bomb!

After seeing some of the panoramic city views from Gianicolo Hill, we headed over to Aventino Hill and the Garden of Oranges.

The views were simply stunning and we were happy to have stopped here as part of tour as we certainly would not have come otherwise!  Also we were very appreciative for all the photos that were graciously captured for us!

Jacopo pointing out our route we had taken throughout the day.

Our last stop was to take a peak at Eataly.  It was massive and more impressive than the locations we have seen in the US.  I mean check out all the prosciutto hanging!

We had to indulge in one last espresso, this time spiked with Sambuca!

Overall, we had a lovely day with Scooteroma Tours!  We would highly recommend them during your time in Rome.  We felt very safe throughout the day being on the back of the Vespa.  Big thanks to Jacopo for the thorough and informative tour!  We loved spending the day with you!

Check out our home video of us in action seeing Rome from a Vespa!


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How to See Rome, Italy from a Vespa


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  1. Sounds wonderful! Will definitely have to try next time

  2. What fun way to see Rome! I like that you did go by the typical tourist spots but that you saw a lot of off-the-tourist-path sites, too. It looks like a really unique experience.

  3. Have to admit I’m not sure I would be confident enough to ride a vespa in Rome, however these cool little boutique tour companies offer some great insights and allow you to discover some hidden gems.

  4. Oh seems like you guys had a great time with your Vespa around Rome 🙂

  5. Wow, you surely got a slice of Italy that is uncommon. I am envious! But, since I am deathly afraid of driving, could my husband and I have used jsut one Vespa, with me riding at the back?

    1. As part of the tour they provided the drivers therefore we just had to hold on and enjoy! You should definitely try it.

  6. Traveling Rome through a Vespa, sounds perfect to me! You get to stop whenever you want to, you get to see and appreciate more places than if you were say, on a car. I think you made a good decision.

    1. Absolutely, all of the reasons made this such a great tour for us!

  7. This is how I should have seen the sights of Rome!

  8. Heading for Rome the weekend after this! Vespa’s would be amazing, thanx for the idea 😀

    1. Definitely check out this tour, you’ll love it!

  9. This one is a must try. Lovely ride! 😀 Would love to try that by myself <3

  10. Seeing Rome using a Vespa – such a clever way to wander around! I wil keep that in mind 🙂

  11. Such a cool way to experience a new place! Love this- and will consider this in planning my activities when I visit.

  12. I done this evening time such a nice way to get around Rome and do a night photography.

  13. Looks like an awesome time!! Lots of cute photos to go along with it.

  14. Pretty envious! Would love to do the Vespa thing, but at 6’8″ tall and 260 lbs, I dwarf those things.

  15. What a great and unusual way to explore the city, wish I’d known about this when we went, think I would have enjoyed it much more. Vespas and food, you can’t go wrong with that, although not sure about the horse!

  16. Excellent idea to ride a vespa while enjoying the ambiance! Chin8 Neri and the food, especially the prosciutto hanging, look great!

  17. This is definitely a bucket list dream for us, seeing Rome from a vespa…doesn’t really get much better than that! Looks like it was a great way to see a lot and also discover a few things too!

  18. This looks like so much fun!

  19. A foodie tour of Rome on Vespas?! Oh my god, I need this!

  20. This looks so cute and like such a great time! I never did this in Rome – but boy do I wish I did!!

  21. Oh how I love experiencing cities while riding a scooter / bicycle. 🙂

  22. What an amazing way to enjoy Rome! A foodie tour on a Vespa – I’m in. Next time I am definitely doing this 🙂 I’ve never had horse jerky… what’s it like?? Thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes

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