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Thankful for Travel


We will be celebrating Thanksgiving in the USA tomorrow. As an expression of our gratitude for our ability to see the world, we thought we would share an acrostic of the travel moments we have been most thankful for in 2015.  We wish all of you celebrating Thanksgiving a very happy holiday!

The Windy City


We called Chicago home for 5 years and we love going back as often as we can. This year, good friends of ours were having a going away party before they moved to Germany.  Seeing good friends in one of our favorite cities was the perfect combination!

Home Visits

Pittsburgh 2015-7531

We grew up in Pittsburgh and most often our trips back are in the winter for the holidays. This year we were back in the summer time due to a friend’s wedding. We spent some time being tourists in the city where we grew up and have a new appreciation for our hometown!

Aurora Borealis


We had the pleasure of ringing in 2015 in Reykjavik. As part of the trip we went Northern Light hunting.  It was in it’s prime viewing time and we were lucky enough to experience this in person!

New Orleans Food


We visited for the first time this year and wow, we we could not stop eating! We couldn’t get enough Oysters – Rockefeller, on the half shell, po-boys….the options are endless!  The opportunity to visit the famous Cafe Du Monde to get a taste of their famous French style beignets and coffee was a highlight of the trip!

Killer Architecture


This year we were able to spend a long weekend in Spain thanks to extending a business trip. We were able to explore the architectural wonders of Antoni Gaudi all throughout the city. We were in awe of the distinctive style and have already penciled in a return visit in 2026 when the Sagrada Familia is estimated to be completed.

Food & Wine Festival


The Austin Food & Wine Fest has been on our must see list for quite some time and we were finally able to experience it this year. Our mouths instantly water as we think of all the BBQ meats and impeccable wine pairings consumed throughout the weekend!

Undergraduate Memories


We had the opportunity to return to our Alma Mater, Penn State, and experience our very first home away from home again! Not only did this place provide us with excellent educations, but it tested our independence and ignited a passion for continuous learning as we explore our world.

Learning to Cook Italian Style


During our time in Italy, we took a cooking class in Tuscany from the wonderful Chef Ryan in his family home. We are still working to perfect the pistachio pesto gnocchi at home, but we are getting close!



In constant pursuit of luxury, adventure and romance outside the office. We work hard at the office to support our luxury eating and traveling adventures inspiring others to make the most of their time off.

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