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Whiskey Wednesday with Brian – Wigle Whiskey – Organic PA Bourbon

This Whiskey Wednesday with Brian, I will be toasting to: Wigle Whiskey – Organic Pennsylvania Bourbon – 92 Proof

Wigle Whiskey Pittsburgh

“In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is strength, but whiskey is the water of life”
– Unknown

Wigle Whiskey opened in the Strip District area of Pittsburgh in 2011 and is the first distillery to open in the city since Prohibition.

The name is in honor of the late Phillip Wigle.  In 1794, after a disagreement with a tax collector, Phillip Wigle was sentenced to hang because of his actions, rebellious nature and love for whiskey.  These events helped spark the Whiskey Rebellion in Pennsylvania.

Wigle Whiskey is distilled in Western, Pennsylvania historical tradition of copper pots.  Wigle Whiskey’s mash bill consists of locally sourced, organic ingredients to produce some of the first bourbon in Pennsylvania in over 30 years.  After the distilling process is finished, the liquid is then transferred and aged in small oak casks for at least 12 months.  If you are one of those people who get excited when a restaurant is “farm-to-table”, then you will love Wigle Whiskey because they are truly a “grain-to-bottle” distillery.

So how does it taste?

Smell: Fragrant! Corn, Rubbing Alcohol, fruity, flowers… A lot going on in the smell
Taste: Spices, Bitter, Cherry, Burnt brown sugars
Finish: Abrupt finish, replay of the smell with a touch of tannin

Wigle Whiskey, poured neat, is not for the first time whiskey drinker.  Attention first timers… I recommend a mixed drink for this one such as an Old Fashioned.  An experienced whiskey/bourbon drinker will appreciate what this young whiskey is trying to accomplish.  Think of it this way, it has been aged for 12 months.  As far as flavor profile goes, Wigle Whiskey is in Elementary school right now.  They are trying to see where they fit in and have many different friends.  A little too young and immature for most to drink on it’s own.  I’m looking forward to the Jr. High/Middle school phases of this Organic Bourbon(when it is aged 3-4 years).  They will really start to show who they are and grow up a little more.  This is when the average first timer can really appreciate their labor of love.

Wigle Whiskey – Organic Pennsylvania Bourbon can be purchased at the distillery in the Strip District.  It is well worth the trip. Wigle Whiskey offers tours of the distillery(more on that in another post), tastings and cocktails to be purchased on site at their bar.  I recommend trying it out before purchasing a bottle.  You can do this by stopping by the distillery or trying it out in many of the restaurants/bars in Pittsburgh.  If you like it, as I did, pick up a bottle for $58.  This is traditionally little high in price based on the age and smoothness, but when you think about it, Wigle Whiskey is a small craft distillery doing something very unique, so the pricing is acceptable.  Take home a bottle or two, like I did and share it with your friends.  Everyone will enjoy a small taste of the Steel City!

Have you been or tried to Wigle Whiskey?
Are you going to Pittsburgh soon?
Do you have a bourbon you would like to see me review?
Let us know in the comments!

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