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Flash Back Friday: Bridge Climb Sydney


“The traveler’s rush that hits you upon arrival to a new place is like a drug.  And like a drug, the more you expose yourself to it the more you want it.”
~Clayton B. Cornell

We thought today we could give a Flash Back Friday post.  This will help us share some of our previous journeys as well as relive our favorite moments of traveling prior to having a blog!

Traveling to Australia was our first major international vacation.  We had been to Mexico and Canada but never “across the pond.”  We loved the travel experiences throughout North America, however our trip to Australia was the moment when we vowed to ourselves no matter where careers took us, we would ALWAYS make time for vacations.  We are proud to say 5 years later, we have not broken our vow!

Where were we when we made that vow…..on the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge!!!


The bridge is such an iconic site of Sydney and Bridge Climb Sydney gave us an opportunity to climb to the top!


There is quite a bit of prep and safety demonstrations to start.  It certainly built up the nerves and anticipation of the climb!  They even provide these really fancy outfits to wear 😉


We chose the Bridge Climb Express because we had the opportunity to walk through the heart of the bridge on the inner arch before ascending to the summit.  We would highly recommend this route, as we think you receive a greater appreciation for the construction of the bridge.  As we walked through, we were able to see the steel on all sides and the guides do a fantastic job of providing history throughout the climb.

The flags on the photo below mark the summit.  To the left you can see the tiny line of people walking over.  We were one of them!


Once we arrived at the top, we were filled with a sense of accomplishment for finishing as well as pure awe of the 360 view.  Most of our vacations until this time consisted of beaches and water sports.  We had not done many “extreme” activities or explored other cities to this extent.  This climb and view sparked a passion in us that we did not know existed.  This experience changed the way we viewed travel.

An unforgettable moment at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge during our bridge climb.
An unforgettable moment at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge during our bridge climb.

We recommend this activity to anyone that travels to Sydney.  After visiting several more countries over the past 5 years, this continues to be one of our top travel moments.  It’s even more special to us due to how it ignited our travel passion!


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  1. Love it!! My hubby and I are headed sans munchkins for our second big trip away from them. Last time was 3 years ago when we snuck away to Bali. And, I have totally flaked on researching for this trip. I am adding this as a MUST DO on our list. Thanks!

    1. Sounds like a great trip! The bridge climb is amazing and such a thrilling way to get a birds eye view. Enjoy!

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