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How important is a good tour guide when traveling? For us, they can elevate a good experience to an unforgettable one. LivItaly Rome Tours certainly helped to make our time in Rome unforgettable!  We’ve already discussed the site specific tours of the Colosseum and Vatican however today we’ll outline our Sunset Walking Tour.

rome, italy

We decided to book the Walking Tour for our first day in Rome to help us learn some of the major sites while getting our bearings around the city.  We dropped off our luggage and met Rachel soon after our arrival.  To our pleasant surprise, nobody else had booked the tour for that day so we got a private tour for the price of the semi-private!  What a nice touch that LivItaly Rome provides, your tour is guaranteed regardless of how many people book!

rome, italy

We made our way through the narrow streets and learned of several of the attractions.  We started with a little history lesson of the Victor Emanuel Monument. We were quickly impressed with Rachel’s vast knowledge and friendly demeanor. We also realized the more questions we asked, the more information that was shared therefore we were truly getting a tailor-made tour based on our interests!

rome, italy, trevi fountain

Next stop was the Trevi Fountain which was closed for renovations. Unfortunately we can’t control the construction schedule so we went with it.  Rachel was prepared and offered us coins to throw in the fountain, or in our case the small bucket of water.

livitaly, rome, italy

The legend states that throwing a coin in the fountain will guarantee you a trip back to Rome.  While I’m not much for superstitions, I am holding out hope this one comes true!

We’ve mentioned it before however LivItaly Rome was more than accommodating in taking photos throughout the tour to capture the memories.

rome, italy

We passed through the Piazza di Spagna en route to the Spanish Steps.

livitaly, rome, italy

A bit crowded, huh?  Welcome to Rome in July!  Key for us in maximizing vacation time is to travel during holidays such as the 4th of July.  Since things really slow down at the office, it allows us to leave for an extended time.  Crowds are a small price to pay to see the world as we balance our jobs!

rome, italy, pantheon

Next up was a stroll through the also crowded Piazza di Pietra and a visit to the Pantheon.  Another photo op captured by Rachel!

rome, italy

It was really fun to learn the history and realize there are no seams in this building therefore it is a mystery as to how it was constructed!

rome, italy

Now it was time for the included gelato treat during the tour.  While we were enjoying our delicious treat, Brian showed Rachel our restaurant list of places we wanted to try out while we were in town.  She went through each one with us and let us know her take on them.  She also took some time to add a few other recommended places to our list.  She even personally called one of the restaurants to get us a reservation that same night.  How awesome!  LivItaly Rome now went from a tour guide to a personal concierge for the evening!  Again one of the many reasons LivItaly Rome made this trip unforgettable for us.

rome, italy

After a quick drink at one of the countless fountains around town, we made our way down the narrow streets to our favorite piazza in Rome.

Rome, Italy

Piazza Navona!  Isn’t it gorgeous?

rome, italy

One last photo op before we said goodbye to Rachel!

rome, italy

Overall we were beyond pleased with LivItaly Rome Tours.  They really set the bar high for the quality of their tours which provide both thorough content and a comfortable setting with a maximum of 6 people.  We would highly recommend using them for your next trip to Italy!  They offer tours in several cities within Italy, although we only used them in Rome, we cannot wait to return to experience their offerings in other cities.

Thank you to Rachel and team for creating an unforgettable experience throughout Rome!

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  1. I’ve been to all those places but at 3 different visits to Rome! You did it in one afternoon! Congrats!

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