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Pros & Cons: Hotel FortySeven Rome

Choosing a hotel when traveling can be a daunting task, especially when traveling to a big city with an overwhelming amount of options.  We were certainly faced with this when planning our trip to Rome.  Our main considerations when choosing a hotel these days are location, included breakfast, cleanliness and amenities which is leading us to stay more and more at boutique hotels.  After lots of research, we decided on Hotel FortySeven Rome for our 5 night stay.

Hotel FortySeven Rome, Italy


Comfortable beds and blackout curtains

Let’s face it, if you had to identify the number 1 reason for a hotel, it would likely be to get a good nights sleep.  Beds and pillows are key for us to be able to sleep.  The minute we entered the room, the bed was calling our name after our early morning flight to get to Rome.

Hotel FortySeven Rome, Italy

As an added bonus, the room contained a black out curtain to fully darken the room.  We may have taken a nap or two during our time in Rome!


For us, a close second to comfort when sleeping is the location.  We don’t want to be in the middle of the action due to noise however we like to be within a couple blocks walking distance.  Hotel FortySeven Rome was the perfect location for us.  It was within a 10-15 minute walk with many of the main attractions within the city!

Rooftop Bar

Hotel FortySeven Rome has an amazing rooftop deck!  It was the perfect place to enjoy a spritz each evening.  They even provide a wonderful bites plate to accompany your cocktails.  You can also have the ability to eat dinner there however we were not able to take advantage of it this trip.

Hotel FortySeven Rome, Italy


Room Amenities

We love having coffee within the room and for us it’s a bonus when it’s a Kuerig machine that offers choices.  Hotel FortySeven Rome took it a step further and provided an espresso machine with various choices of espresso right in our room!


Hotel FortySeven Rome made the transfers to and from the airport easy.  They offer the ability to book a private car.  All it took was a quick email and they confirmed the transfer and there was a guy waiting when we arrived with our name.  It was a seamless process and we loved they offer the service.



I mentioned that breakfast is important to us.  While they offer a breakfast, we found it lacking compared to the impressive spreads we had in Venice, Tuscany and Sardinia.  Additionally, we found them to be very slow when refilling the food therefore there were a couple morning we felt like we were scraping together the last of the food to make a complete meal.


While there were no issues, they really weren’t friendly.  Several times we would walk through the small lobby without even a glance or smile from the staff.  Not a huge deal for us but worth noting.

Overall we enjoyed our stay at Hotel FortySevenRome and we would certainly want to look to stay here again when we return to Rome!



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